San Francisco, 19-20 April 2013

"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"

2010 Program

Sage Commons Congress
23-24 April 2010

JW Marriott Union Square
500 Post Street,
Corner of Post and Mason
San Francisco CA

Copies of plenary and keynote talks are available
on the Presentations Page

Day 1    Friday, April 23, 2010

8:00 am  Continental Breakfast
8:30 am  Plenary Vignettes
Andrea Califano, Columbia University
Lee Hood, Institute for Systems Biology
9:00 am  Purpose of the Congress
Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks

9:45 am  Project Group Reports

  • A) End-to-End Pilot Combining Data, Building Models, and Querying Them
    Andrew Kasarskis, Sage Bionetworks
    Ilya Kupershmidt, NextBio
  • B) Standards and Ontologies for Integration, Analysis, and Exchange of Global Coherent Datasets
    Jessie Tenenbaum, Duke Translational Medicine Institute
  • C) Sage Infrastructure Tools Project
    Carol Goble, University of Manchester
    Ted Liefeld, Broad Institute
    Alex Pico, Gladstone Institutes
  • Short Break
  • D) Internationalization of Sage Efforts
    Carolina Rossini, Berkman Center at Harvard University
  • E) Citation of Network Models and Associated Data
    Liz Lyon, UKOLN
    Carol Goble, University of Manchester
    Jonathan Rees, Creative Commons

11:45 am  Keynote Speaker 1
Jeff Hammerbacher, Cloudera
12:20 pm  Break into Lunch Tables (sponsored by NextBio)
12:30 pm  LUNCH & Special Guest Speaker
Josh Sommer, Chordoma Foundation
1:15 pm  Plenary Vignettes
Trey Ideker, University of California, San Diego
Hiroaki Kitano, Systems Biology Institute
Sam Aparicio, Univ. British Columbia
Rob Epstein, Medco
1:50 pm  Simultaneous Working Session for Project Groups:
Reaction & Conversation

3:30 pm  Break
3:45 pm  Reports Back to Plenary From Project Groups
5:10 pm  Plenary Vignettes
Brian Yandell, University of Wisconsin
Jill Mesirov, Broad Institute
5:30 pm Transition to Evening Venue and Refreshments
5:45 pm  Keynote Speaker 2
John Wilbanks, Creative Commons
6:20 pm  Plenary Vignettes
Eric Schadt, Pacific Biosciences/Sage Bionetworks
Vamsi Mootha, Harvard
Atul Butte, Stanford
7:15 pm  Forge Linkages between Workstreams and Objectives
8:15 pm Deposit Suggestions in Mailbox on exit; Post-event socializing

Day 2   Saturday, April 24, 2010

8:15 am  Coffee
8:45 am  Plenary Vignettes
Daphne Koller, Stanford University
Geoff Ginsburg, Duke University
Ken Buetow, NIH
9:15 am  Workstreams Build Synthesis Reports
11:00 am Plenary Vignettes/Speakers
Laura Esserman, UCSF
Garry Nolan, Stanford
Yoshihiden Hayashizaki, Riken
Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance
11:45 am  Break into Lunch Tables (sponsored by NextBio)
12:00 pm  Keynote Speaker 3 (LUNCH)
Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe
1:00 pm  Presentation of Synthesis Reports
2:15 pm  Summary of Statements & Next Steps
John Wilbanks, Eric Schadt & Stephen Friend
2:30 pm  ADJOURN

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