San Francisco, 19-20 April 2013

"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"

Workstream E: Citation

Citation of Network Models and Associated Data
Leads: Liz Lyon, UKOLN; Carol Goble, University of Manchester; Jonathan Rees, Creative Commons
Participants: Jim Davies, Ted Liefeld, Jessica Tenenbaum, Timo Hannay, Myles Axton, Monica Duke

The sustainability of a communal model for genomics research will require new approaches to how participants are credited for their contributions.  Individual investigators need to document their originality and productivity for career advancement and research funding and this has reinforced the often segmented approach to genetics research and network biology.  This project seeks to review progressive approaches to the citation of models and tools as well as data in order to provide suggestions for best practice in the Sage Commons model.

Activities Before Congress

  • Collect and assess all relevant information on current and existing work on citation of network models, node-networks, nano-publications and associated data e.g. CWA, NaturePG, Dublin Core and Application Profiles, W3C, OAI-ORE, DataCite, and others.
  • Contribute to discussion of terminology and agreement on working definitions of key terms.
  • Explore key questions and issues to include:
    • What practices should Sage Bionetworks promote around citation of datasets, models and other artifacts that are to be a part of Sage Commons?
    • How should bibliographic and other references be made which can be applied by digital repository, open data and Web standards communities?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of conventional citation and of other approaches?
    • How else might participants in Sage Commons receive attribution for their contributions?
    • How can use cases for nano-publication, microattribution and other novel technologies be articulated to demonstrate how they fit with the ecology of the Sage Commons and give credit to scientists?
    • What functionality should a citation service for network models and associated data deliver?
    • How should such a service fit within the emerging Sage infrastructure?
    • How does such a service integrate with the scientists’ workflow, tools and associated scholarly communication processes?
  • Draft summary Position Paper which includes Recommendations for implementation / best practice guidelines using the End-to-End Pilot data and network models as potential case studies.
  • Develop Congress Focus Group Programme in consultation with the Network Modelling Users Group.

Activities During Congress

  • Congress Project Report
  • Run a Citation Focus Group to promote and validate the Position Paper and Recommendations.
  • Collect feedback, comments and community opinions.

Activities After Congress

  • Revise and share / “publish” the Position Paper and Recommendations.
  • Develop naming practices, metadata standards and protocols for deployment in the Sage repository and Sage Commons based on the End-to-End Pilot and / or other use cases.

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