San Francisco, 19-20 April 2013

"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"

2011 Congress Presentations

Congress presentations are available as PDF downloads using the links below.  There are also links to streaming videos from

(29 April 2011) Video Podcasts of the congress presentations are now available on iTunes as well as on the Sage Bionetworks podcast page.  By subscribing you can automatically receive future audio and video podcasts of important presentations and interviews.

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress
Friday April 15, 2011

Introduction – Stephen Friend
[presentation] []

Keynote – Patient Advocate:  Peter Kapitein, Inspire2Live
“Why health care is broken from the patient perspective”
[presentation] []

Sage Bionetworks Research – Jonathan Derry
[presentation] []

Data Repository – Lara Mangravite
[presentation] []

Commons Platform – Michael Kellen / Brig Mecham
[presentation] []

Federation Project Reports on:
1) Aging – Greg Hannum [presentation] []
2) Diabetes – Peter Kang [presentation] []
3) Warburg Effect - Xudong Dai & Mariano Alvarez [presentation] []

Lessons from the Federation – Atul Butte
[presentation] []

SageCite and Patients Participate! – Liz Lyon
[presentation] []

Open Network Biology -Eric Schadt
[presentation] []

Audience Questions & Discussions

Keynote: Aled Edwards, Structural Genetics Consortium
“Why health care is broken from the scientist perspective”
[presentation] []

Compute Platform, Community of Interest E Workshop
Michael Kellen and Martin Morgan

Saturday April 16, 2011

Keynote: Alyssa Goodman, Harvard – Robertson Auditorium
“Seamless Astronomy: How astronomers share, explore and discover”
[presentation] []

Keynote:  Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, US Food and Drug Administration
“How communities can work to achieve change in drug discovery”
[presentation] []

Reports from Communities of Interest
A. Engaged Public
– Sharon Terry [presentation] []
B. Map Building – Eric Schadt [presentation] []
C. Federation – Justin Guinney [presentation] []
D. Enabling Sharing – Robert Cook-Deegan & John Wilbanks [presentation] []
E. Commons Platform – Michael Kellen [presentation] []

Congress Summary Keynote: Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks
[presentation] []




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