San Francisco, 19-20 April 2013

"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"

3rd Commons Congress

“Building Better Models of Diseases Together”

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The 3rd Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress was held on April 20-21, 2012. Sage Bionetworks is in its fourth year and is deep into the transition from non-profit start-up to a provider of fundamental new infrastructure for network biology. The first part of the Congress focused on this transition and the progress to date on how early investments in technical and legal data sharing platforms are beginning to pay off in faster science, increased patient engagement, and disruptive projects that can shake up the entire pharmaceutical industry. The second part reviewed activities and opportunities in ongoing pilots and projects. The third part highlighted emerging projects designed to shift sharing behaviors in drug development (Arch2POCM) and in disrupting the current medical-industrial social value chain.  The concluding part four was be a community effort to look at what is required to move beyond the current medical information system and its rewards.

The Congress program included include deep dives into the Synapse technical platform and Portable Legal Consent systems that together make data about individual patients the key to large-scale disease research. Platform sessions detailed initiatives to open previously closed clinical trial data and bring patients into the research mix.  And of course there was the special evening event called Congress Unplugged! including the now infamous “bar speeches”. Details on the program, attendees, sponsors, and links for Congress videos are available on the linked pages.

Thanks to Bruce Aronow you can also browse a photo gallery of the activities at the 3rd Commons Congress:








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