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"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"

2012 Young Investigator Awards

Young Investigators at the Commons Congress

Sage Bionetworks has an ongoing commitment to support young investigators as part of its efforts to help develop open science and computational genomics.  Because of the generous support received from the Congress Sponsors, Sage Bionetworks hosted a competition for Young Investigator Awards and received a large number of impressive submissions.  The winners were selected based on their potential to contribute to, and benefit from, the Congress as well as their track record of breaking down barriers to open research.  We are pleased to announce the 2012 Young Investigator Award winners and you can click on their names or photos to read the interest statements they submitted to the Congress.

Jimmy Cheng-Ho Lin
Washington University &
Rare Genomics Institute
Krishanu Saha
JFK School of Government, Harvard University & Whitehead Institute, MIT
Jacob Abernethy
University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Larson
University of California San Diego,
OpenWormWhole Brain Catalog & NIF
Marcel Schulz
Carnegie Mellon University,
Lane Center for Computational Biology


Sage Bionetworks also welcomes the following outstanding Young Investigators who are ‘local’ or for whom we have been able to secure partial travel funding:

  Manor Askenazi Hebrew University
  Gholson Lyon Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  Kate Blizinsky Northwestern University
  Benjamin Logsdon Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  Leila Jamal Johns Hopkins University
  Kathryn Loving Schrödinger Inc.
  Burak Kutlu Institute for Systems Biology
  Michael Oldham University California, San Francisco
  Maya Kasowski Stanford University
  Jonathan Karr Stanford University
  Jacqueline Grant Stanford University


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