Video Wall – 2011 Congress

2011 Commons Congress attendees participated in one of five interdisciplinary ‘Communities of Interest’ that focused on scientific engagement, construction of advocacy plans, policy discussions, and briefings on progress and external efforts. The Community of Interest workshops addressed questions such as: What is needed next? How can I help build it and how can we ensure it leverages existing efforts? The goal was to help participants¬†create new connections and see themselves and their work integrating into the Commons agenda. Following the platform sessions and the workshops, many of the Congress participants provided short video commitments of what they planned to do in the next year to contribute to the Congress and its vision. You can view the video commitments and comments by clicking on the participants photos below. [n.b. the videos may not function correctly on mobile devices]

Community A: Engaged Public. New roles for citizens and patients in building disease models and encouraging sharing.

Community B: Map Building. Where are the best disease models and who is building them?

Community C: Federation. What really is the Federation, how has it worked and where is it going?

Community D: Enabling Sharing.  Key documents that can allow unlocking of currently inaccessible data sources.

Community E: Compute Platform. What is Synapse and how can I help build it and use it?


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