San Francisco, 19-20 April 2013

"The Truth of Personalized Medicine: Our Commons Future"


The Commons Congress, the Synapse platform and the work of Sage Bionetworks is only possible because of the generous support received from sponsors.



Sanofi’s mission is to create solutions for currently unmet medical needs. Sanofi employ innovative approaches to attack cancer on all fronts and provide medicines adapted to the diverse profiles of patients.


Pfizer, Inc.

Working together for a healthier world. At today’s Pfizer, we’re creating connections with those who can inspire us to do more, spark new ideas, and share our challenges and successes.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is working to enable translational systems biology. The Institute faculties are experts in a wide range of areas such as machine learning, biostatistics, genetics, genomics, sequencing technology, data science, and high-performance computing (HPC). They work in collaboration with MSSM’s researchers, clinicians, and institutes on fundamental and applied projects in biology, computation, and medicine. These projects include generating diverse biological data, integrating these data to uncover mechanisms underlying complex human conditions, and the design and implementation of HPC systems to enable the creation, testing and iterative refinement of disease models. At every step, we focus on the ultimate goal of developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics for human disease in collaboration with the medical and research community at Mount Sinai and beyond.


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.


Numerate provides deep data analytics for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries through a cloud based platform designed to overcome the major challenges in both drug discovery and next generation sequence analysis.


Located in Osaka, Japan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is a research-based global company with its main focus on pharmaceuticals.  As the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and one of the global leaders of the industry, Takeda is committed to striving toward better health for individuals and progress in medicine. Additional information about Takeda is available through its corporate website,

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.



Lybba is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps people take ownership of their health so they can better care for themselves and one another. Our OPENHealth program helps people cultivate and control their digital health identity so they can work more effectively with physicians, researchers, and others to achieve optimal health while also driving positive change in the healthcare system overall. We collaborate with healthcare innovators to create data-rich, internet-enabled healthcare products, services, brands, and events that enhance personal choice and create the community, information, and tools that promote greater understanding, care, compassion, and fairness.

California Biotechnology Foundation

The California Biotechnology Foundation (CBF) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. Through implementation of outreach and education programs, the mission of CBF is to inform and educate the public on new advances and discoveries within the states’ biotechnology community as well as to increase awareness of the life sciences industry in California among policymakers, opinion leaders and other stakeholders.


H3 Biomedicine

H3 Biomedicine Inc. is a privately held, uniquely structured oncology discovery enterprise. At H3, we seek to become a prolific source of new drugs that treat more human cancers with greater success. H3 Biomedicine is applying the expertise of leading scientists to the integration of insights from cancer genomics with innovative capabilities in synthetic chemistry and tumor biology to pursue patient-based, genomics-driven, small molecule drugs, which represent the most promising current opportunity in cancer therapeutics.


Since 1987, Gilead Sciences has worked to discover, develop and commercialize medications to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases in areas of unmet medical need.
In 25 years, Gilead has become a leading biopharmaceutical company with a portfolio of 15 marketed products, a growing pipeline of investigational drugs and approximately 5,000 employees in offices across four continents.
Gilead’s therapeutic areas of focus include HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, serious respiratory, cardiovascular, and metabolic conditions, cancer and inflammation. To begin learning more about Gilead Sciences, view Gilead-at-a-Glance.

Life Technologies

We are a global life sciences company
We believe in the power of science and appreciate its rigorous discipline. That’s what drives our passion for innovation, leading to transformative offerings that support endeavors throughout the world.
Our extensive range of products and services, from instruments to everyday lab essentials, ensures quality and performance for every lab, every application. Customers in more than 160 countries count on us in their quest to improve life in meaningful ways.


SPARC is an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to create a more open system
for scholars and researchers to share the results of their work.

GNS Healthcare

GNS Healthcare is a big data analytics company that has developed a scalable approach for the discovery of what works in healthcare, and for whom. Our analytics solutions are being applied across the healthcare industry: from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health plans and hospitals, to integrated delivery systems, Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Whether your organization is delivering care or developing personalized therapies and diagnostics, GNS Healthcare can help you discover the knowledge you need to match patients with treatments that work.


Microsoft is investing in innovative technologies to empower the next level of scientific research and collaboration in the cloud. Our products work to unlock data and information assets, help you store them as an innovative network of concepts and relationships, and promote discovery and transformation of biological insights into clinical understanding. We harness the power of cloud computing for enterprises to solve the problems of big data management and complex analytics and modeling of research data. We help you bring together data and algorithms from disparate systems to share openly or privately—both within your institutions and from partner organizations. Coupled with our other offerings of HealthVault and Amalga, Microsoft is delivering connected health solutions that allow you to address tomorrow’s data challenges and transform the way you do research. Learn more at

National Brain Tumor Society

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States. We are fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and those who will be diagnosed tomorrow. This means aggressively driving strategic research and advocating for public policies, which meet the critical needs of this community. To learn more visit

Nature Genetics

Nature Genetics is the primary research journal for the genetics community. With a reputation for quality global coverage, Nature Genetics delivers the latest research across the field, including human genetics and genomics, epigenetics, cancer, chromosome biology and genetic technology. With News and Views, Brief Communications, Reviews, Letters and the popular Touching Base section, Nature Genetics is consistently the most frequently cited journal in the field of Genetics and Heredity. Learn more at

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